02 - About
Product Designer. Architecture educated.
Object design addicted.

Hi there!

I'm Ana Ferens Product Designer / Senior UX + UI Designer with more than 6 years of experience background. Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Becoming more proficient with advertising legends in Ogilvy and wondermakers in Ubisoft and Avalanche Studios. Fortunate enough to design experience for users who choose Stadia, PlayStation and Xbox. Currently taking the Product Designer position in Memmo.

Got an architecture education. Working in enterprise/e-commerce/fintech and game development fields. By having experience in game development and getting into its user testing culture, I try to implement the same approach into the processes of the companies I'm working with.  Strongly believe that mixing, adding, and pushing the boundaries of existed experiences might be the very first step in creating completely different and ground-breaking patterns. 

Some Inspiration beacons from my board:


It looks like I put here all the main info but if I forgot something we might schedule an interview or have a chat in another place. See, there is not much info on this page! So you can move right to the next one :)